May 06 2016

Cane Toad Poisoning

This is a very serious problem for dogs and cats in Queensland.

What to watch for:

Dogs that have mouthed toads will be profusely drooling/foaming at the mouth; their oral mucous membranes (gums and inside cheeks) will be bright red and inflamed.

First Aid Treatment:

If you suspect that your dog has mouthed a toad you MUST wash their mouth out (gently) with water for 10 minutes. Time yourself, do this before you ring the vet, before you get in your car. The poison is very sticky and will be sitting there on your dog’s gums and inner cheeks. The sooner you wash this off the less poison they will absorb, the less affected they will be.

If after washing their mouth out for 10 mins, they appear weak, dazed, or have an erratic heart rate, please call your vet, as they have absorbed some toxin.

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