May 06 2016

Wound Care

Wounds / Dog Fights / Hit-by-Car / Dog Attacks

Dog fights, hit-by-car accidents and other wounds can all be life threatening.

Hit-by-car accidents are obviously a reason to call the vet to rule out any internal damage and broken bones.

Dog fights/attacks can be very serious. Even if your large breed dog does not appear to have significant wounds, but he/she put up a substantial fight, their kidneys are in grave danger and need veterinary attention urgently. Small dogs, in any dog fight, can suffer from “Shaken Dog Syndrome”. Again, their external wounds may not appear serious but they should be checked over by a vet.

Wounds that are profusely bleeding need attention to stop the blood loss.

Check your cat or dog’s mucus membrane colour (gums, inside cheeks). They should be light pink, moist and when pressed on return to their original colour in less then 2 seconds. If they are pale, white, blue or yellow and do not return to that colour within 2 secs then veterinary attention is required.

First Aid:

Place a firm bandage over any profusely bleeding wound to stem the haemorrhage, prior to travelling. Check your dog or cat’s pulse (inside hind leg) and respiration. If you feel the need to clean the wounds prior seeing the vet use a weak betadine solution. DO NOT USE Dettol ever!

If in doubt phone your vet.

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