Hendra Vaccinations

We encourage all horse owners to take a stand against deadly infections affecting our horses and foals; vaccination is a crucial component of any horse’s overall health program.

We can both keep track of your horse’s health and vaccination status with the online Health4Horses Registry, which allows you (and us) to log your horse’s vaccinations to access a combined record. The service also sends us reminders when boosters are due! Simply join Health4Horses.com.au to access the service. It’s free!

Hendra virus is a zoonotic disease carried by flying foxes that can produce life-threatening illness in horses and humans. First discovered in 1994 at a racing stable in the Brisbane suburb of Hendra, it has caused the death of more than 70 horses across Queensland and New South Wales. It also claimed the lives of 4 out of the 7 humans infected between 1994 and 2014

What do I look for in my horse? Hendra virus can cause a broad range of signs in horses. Hendra virus infection should be considered in any sick horse when the cause of illness is unknown and particularly where there is rapid onset of illness, fever, increased heart rate and rapid deterioration associated with either respiratory or neurological signs. Occasionally, horses will survive Hendra virus infection. Hendra virus is much more likely to occur in a single sick or dead horse rather than in a number of horses.

On several occasions one or more companion horses became infected after close contact with the first infected horse prior to or at the time of death. It appears that Hendra virus has the potential to spread to other horses either through direct contact with infectious body fluids, or through indirect contact via contaminated equipment that could transfer body fluid from one horse to another.

Vaccination is the recommended method to give year-round protection & requires an initial injection with follow up injections between 21 -42 days after the first one and again another one 6 months from the second injection and then followed by yearly boosters.

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